Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer vacation worth a post. A family must read!

We have just come home from our 3 night stay at Clevelands House Resort in Muskoka Ontario. A place that holds special to us because we met there 15 years ago. Clevelands House has changed over the years, as have we. If you recall in my May 24 post, I used to love the party aspect of the summer resort life, the new friends and relations. Now we go to Clevelands House to hopefully see familiar faces (which we did see a few and they were friendly and welcoming).  We found comfortable/quiet spots, good food, and loads of stuff for our kids. With a giant Marriott hotel just down the road from Cleve's you may wonder why would we choose Cleve's over it. Simple: kids program, friendly staff and a homey, comfortable feel. First and foremost the kids program. We have never used the kids program before at Cleve's until this week. WOW, the counsellors were great. Before we even put our kids in the program, one counsellor went out of her way to help our two year old climb in a giant covered ball pit structure.(which my husband and I were feeling too old to get into to:) We quickly hired her as our nighttime babysitter. She was fabulous. Oh and I said we came for the good food. Never before had I gone to Cleve's for the good food. (No offense past Cleves) I went for the mass amount of food and the comfort food they served, but this year the food was good. Tastefully selected meals along with a few staples. I think the key word is taste. It had great taste. Huge thumbs up there.

Our oldest daughter was so excited to go on holiday. She was counting down the sleeps. I remember counting down our summer holidays in scooby doo time. How many more scooby doo episodes until holiday. Anyways, she was so excited to get to Clevelands House, that when we checked into our room she said 'I guess Cleveland isn't here Mom, but she won't mind if we stay at her house'. How cute is she. We never did find 'Cleveland' but we did find some relaxing moments. Tyson and I were able to read our books at times, and have adult conversations that didn't involve 'what should we make for dinner', or 'where are the kids going tomorrow' etc. The kids were so happy with everything we did. In fact we didn't even get to some of the activities that I know they would love, we were just too busy, in a good way. I definitely think one week would be mandatory to enjoy most of the activities that Cleve's has to offer, and a chance to get the kids into a routine.
Every holiday has it's up and downs but this holiday had way more ups then downs. I am so happy the kids had so much fun, besides that's what holidays are all about now. The kids.

I suppose you could say I have a soft spot for Cleves, I really do. Most importantly to me now (that I am so mature and grown up, ha) is that I can go somewhere that everyone in my family can do something they like all at the same time. For a family of five, I don't know anywhere else this is possible or plausible. So our family of five will continue to build memories, and soft spots with Clevelands House.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I'm a Mom of 3 and I have to have all the answers!

Going from zero to one child was a super duper shock to our world. Going from one to two kids was extremely challenging. Going from two to three kids is oddly satisfying. When I had two kids at home I felt the need to get the housework done weekly and make sure the dishes were put away. (most of the time) Now that we have three kids at home these things just don't get down regularly or even at all. It's satisfying to have three because it is near impossible to do anything, and I can surely chalk it up to the fact that I HAVE THREE KIDS AT HOME. Satisfying to be able to laugh when the two older girls have painted their pictures, hands and the entire table, all in the time frame of feeding the youngest. It justifies a really good glass of wine, daily. It encourages us to stay home a lot, because every time we go out, our car gets just a few more goldfish squished into the carpet and people in the grocery store avoid our cartS (plural) at all costs. Most of all it's satisfying because there is just nothing like a family hug of five, when they squeeze so tight. These hugs make everything right.
Being a Mom of one or three you have to have all the answers. Why do I have to wear sunscreen? Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast? (Even though I secretly sneak a handful of chocolate chips some mornings just for a boost) Why are Dad's parts different then ours? Why won't the garbage lady wave to us? What is that random dogs name? Where are we going today? and so on......
If your a Mom, you know once your child is able to form a sentence it is shortly followed with the WHY'S? Although it's sometimes completely frustrating, perhaps maddening, you still in your calm smiling voice have to answer every why. Why are we so patient and why do we do it?
 because you love your kids with all your heart
because you want them to know the answers to everything
because if you hear why one more time you might pull your hair out:)
because a 3yr old has a mind like a sponge, and they need to know
because when you answer why, sometimes they say the darndest things in response
because, because, because........
I'm a Mom of 3 girls and I have all the answers, I think;)