Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week 13, Happy Father's Day

Again, thank goodness for holiday's. It gives me purpose for cupcakes and creativity. This week I can not take credit for my creativity. My friend Heidi, in Switzerland, sent me a link with perfectly decorated Father's Day cupcakes. (Thanks Heidi) Brilliant idea. This week, it was up to my hubby to determine what kind of cupcake he wanted. Let's guess........chocolate! Next week, no chocolate. I am sick of cleaning up cocoa powder off of my cupboards. It's so light and dusty. Seeing that my 2yr old loves to help with the baking, the cocoa seems to spread everywhere.

So I focused on the decorations instead. As you will see in the photograph's (yes I finally took pictures again) I made little BBQ's out of the cupcakes. I had so much fun in the candy isle, trying to pick out the best disguise for hot dogs and little mini steaks. So cute. By the way, the steaks are caramels that I mushed and shaped with my fingers and then a dab of icing in the middle. Upon first glance I know they don't look so hot but this week was fun. It was also a wonderful surprise for Tyson and my Dad. Manly cupcakes. The picture had gray grills, but who the heck knows how to make gray icing???? Brown was my sub. Thanks again Heidi, great idea:)

Week 12 of 52:) Cupcake Challenge

Sooooo short and simple this week. Half a cheat, I made a double batch last week and froze them to use this week. I did make fresh icing. Cream cheese icing. CRAPPPPP AGAIN. Too much cream cheese, and butter, I think. Anyways, I made them on Monday night when Tyson was away. My Mom came over and my toddler declared that we should have a party. Brilliant idea. Girls only party, according to my toddler, had to include: presents, balloons, dancing and CUPCAKES. ahhhhhh so sweet. Any smart parent (I just figured out) has balloons on hand at all times. Luckily we had pink ones. The presents included a new outfit from Grandma and borrowed DVD's from the library. So we ate cupcakes and danced the night away. Ok maybe not the night, but at least we rocked out to Bobs and Lo Lo for a solid 45min before bath time:)

Week 11, Birthday's Again!

Thank goodness for birthday's and holidays or I would be a boring Bob for cupcake making. This weekend was my Mom's birthday. June 5th. Cupcakes, yeah!
I first want to say, is there ever going to be a week where I don't eat at least one cupcake????? Please cupcake God make me stop eating them. Sometimes there not even that good, I just eat them. This week, posed an especially big issue with the cupcake eating because I made them on my Mom's birthday and then I didn't see her. She went away. Yeah for you Mom, bad for me and my hips. My Mom had requested earlier on for chocolate-chocolate cupcakes. I want to perfect my chocolate icing anyways. The icing wasn't so hot...... AGAIN! I put it on real thick though, in hopes that you may just be overwhelmed with sugar and disregard that, 'hmmmm there just is something missing', feeling. Can I swear on hear? Of course I can, it's my blog::)))) *##$$#$## ps for future reference that means shit, crap f*#k. Sorry Mom and Dad. I am getting tired of not having a perfect icing all the time. Its been almost 3 months. So no pictures. My Mom seemed to like them though. Thank goodness. Promise by week 52 mom, I'll have the best chocolate-chocolate cupcakes you could ever imagine. Sigh!