Saturday, 22 September 2012

To Facebook or not to Facebook

Facebook, wow what a jump forward in the social train. When I was in high school if you liked a boy you had to maybe, just maybe get a note passed to you from the boys friend, who passed it to your friends friend who then hopefully passes it to you before reading it, laughing and shoving it your way.

 Please check one of the following: will you go out with me yes, no or maybe. Do these words sound familiar? Notes and letter writing are a curbside notion compared to FACEBOOK options now. If you even look at a boy in high school I bet your friends friend has it posted all over facebook before you can even say 'is that an IPHONE 5?'.
Maybe I am now considered a dinosaur in the high school world, but really I would of been eaten alive if facebook existed when I went to high school. My face would of been beet red at the mention of me liking someone, I can't imagine what fine looking pictures my friends of friends would have fired off of me onto a front page post on facebook.
High school is a world full of 'firsts' already, adding facebook and twitter and instant messaging is making those 'firsts' more awkward then they need to be. It's like speed rocketing through puberty in a library. You are constantly 'trying' to be awkwardly cool in a whirlwind of  up and downs.
Well, enjoy the bumpy ride suckers, oops I mean kids because i just can't imagine what will be available when my kids go to high school.
So, my original point, to facebook or not to facebook. For me, absolutely facebook. I can catch up with old friends, see pictures of their kids, post updates on our family and enjoy a leisurely post from a friends friend. For high school kids, I don't think you have a choice. If you don't you will be left behind in the dust, just try to slow the speed an IPHONE or two.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Damn you cinnamon buns!

I am going to share a sweet little secret that my husband and I share;) Lean in close you don't want to miss this one.
Often we frequent St. Jacobs Market. A fun place to take the kids, to pick up local fruit and veg, and to taste some sweet treats. There is a vendor, a lovely Mennonite lady, in the market. Her stall is placed inside. From the road facing parking lot, you enter through vendor number one, through the double doors, walk down the right hand side of the vendors, past the Stone Crock bakery, just past the syrup sales man (may I add that he is the one and only that sells 'dark' syrup) and on your left you will find 'THE CINNAMON BUN' lady. It is a small booth. She cooks them right there.
They are served warm with icing. I don't even like Cinnamon buns, but I love these. I prefer the plain icing ones, but you can also get maple icing. I am trying to eat healthier these days, and then there she is. They are cheap and so delicious. If your in the area give her a try.
Damn you Cinnamon bun, why are you so good!

After a car ride discussion with my husband today, he has informed me that I need to start a corn rating/review website. He says I am corn obsessed and go way overboard with my hunt for the perfect corn every year. HA. Ok let me prelude you with my corn background!
Since before I can remember I have loved corn on the cob. In fact when I was asked as a kid what my favourite food was, my response was always 'corn on the cob'. When I lost my front two teeth, I remember gnawing on the corn with the side of my mouth. I love everything about corn on the cob. I love going out to a farm to pick it up, I love peeling it and picking off the little hairs, I love placing it perfectly in a pot to boil, I love to time the boil perfect, and to smell the corn. Most of all I love to butter and salt each row before eating it. I don't like to use corn picks (I feel it takes away from the experience), I like to have my own knife for the butter, or better yet I like to roll it in the butter. When we were kids on a special occasion, my Mom would take out a brand new pound of butter and let us roll our cobs in it. Oh bliss.
So, I still love Corn on the Cob SEASON!
This season, I am finding myself unusually attached to the corn. Is it strange that within a 30km radius I can find at least 5-10 different corn producers, and they all have a different taste. I was happy to take it upon myself and my taste testing family to try out as many varieties as possible.
Will I start a corn rating, but I sure do take my corn tasting serious;)
So here is the breakdown thus far:
1. Stroms, just on the outskirts of Guelph, off of Hwy 24. Well known in and around Guelph. The farm is meant for the family to visit. Things for the kids to do 3 seasons a year. That part is awesome. Except that every time my kids want to go there they want a new $1 ducky to put down the pond. Also, they pass out complimentary 6 corn each year. They hang a bag on your door. I suppose in hopes that you'll spend more money at the farm. Which we always do, but last week we went just for the 6 free corn. Took them home to eat. I was sadly disappointed.  The 'golden nugget' corn was just so so. 3 of the cobs didn't taste very good and the other 3 were crunchy with not much flavour. boooo
But I will try again.
NOTE: I do have a very unique taste for corn. I like a tasty corn with a juicy large kernel.
2. Grocery store: Enough said, booooo
3. Mennonite Farm, I believe on Northfield drive. Cute farm where they wheel a waggon out when they are open for business. The corn was lovely. Quite tasty, but maybe not chewy enough for me.
4. Turn left at the lights past Knapps, on Hwy 24 heading towards Erin from Guelph. Apparently they don't use chemicals on their corn here either. Wow awesome. Keep in mind 2 out of every dozen were throw away pieces BUT the other 10 were amazing. So perfect.

ALSO NOTE: there is a place just outside of London ON, south of the 401, that in past years, had the best corn I have ever had. I haven't been there is year, and I will have to go back asap.
Corn comments anyone???

Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer vacation worth a post. A family must read!

We have just come home from our 3 night stay at Clevelands House Resort in Muskoka Ontario. A place that holds special to us because we met there 15 years ago. Clevelands House has changed over the years, as have we. If you recall in my May 24 post, I used to love the party aspect of the summer resort life, the new friends and relations. Now we go to Clevelands House to hopefully see familiar faces (which we did see a few and they were friendly and welcoming).  We found comfortable/quiet spots, good food, and loads of stuff for our kids. With a giant Marriott hotel just down the road from Cleve's you may wonder why would we choose Cleve's over it. Simple: kids program, friendly staff and a homey, comfortable feel. First and foremost the kids program. We have never used the kids program before at Cleve's until this week. WOW, the counsellors were great. Before we even put our kids in the program, one counsellor went out of her way to help our two year old climb in a giant covered ball pit structure.(which my husband and I were feeling too old to get into to:) We quickly hired her as our nighttime babysitter. She was fabulous. Oh and I said we came for the good food. Never before had I gone to Cleve's for the good food. (No offense past Cleves) I went for the mass amount of food and the comfort food they served, but this year the food was good. Tastefully selected meals along with a few staples. I think the key word is taste. It had great taste. Huge thumbs up there.

Our oldest daughter was so excited to go on holiday. She was counting down the sleeps. I remember counting down our summer holidays in scooby doo time. How many more scooby doo episodes until holiday. Anyways, she was so excited to get to Clevelands House, that when we checked into our room she said 'I guess Cleveland isn't here Mom, but she won't mind if we stay at her house'. How cute is she. We never did find 'Cleveland' but we did find some relaxing moments. Tyson and I were able to read our books at times, and have adult conversations that didn't involve 'what should we make for dinner', or 'where are the kids going tomorrow' etc. The kids were so happy with everything we did. In fact we didn't even get to some of the activities that I know they would love, we were just too busy, in a good way. I definitely think one week would be mandatory to enjoy most of the activities that Cleve's has to offer, and a chance to get the kids into a routine.
Every holiday has it's up and downs but this holiday had way more ups then downs. I am so happy the kids had so much fun, besides that's what holidays are all about now. The kids.

I suppose you could say I have a soft spot for Cleves, I really do. Most importantly to me now (that I am so mature and grown up, ha) is that I can go somewhere that everyone in my family can do something they like all at the same time. For a family of five, I don't know anywhere else this is possible or plausible. So our family of five will continue to build memories, and soft spots with Clevelands House.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I'm a Mom of 3 and I have to have all the answers!

Going from zero to one child was a super duper shock to our world. Going from one to two kids was extremely challenging. Going from two to three kids is oddly satisfying. When I had two kids at home I felt the need to get the housework done weekly and make sure the dishes were put away. (most of the time) Now that we have three kids at home these things just don't get down regularly or even at all. It's satisfying to have three because it is near impossible to do anything, and I can surely chalk it up to the fact that I HAVE THREE KIDS AT HOME. Satisfying to be able to laugh when the two older girls have painted their pictures, hands and the entire table, all in the time frame of feeding the youngest. It justifies a really good glass of wine, daily. It encourages us to stay home a lot, because every time we go out, our car gets just a few more goldfish squished into the carpet and people in the grocery store avoid our cartS (plural) at all costs. Most of all it's satisfying because there is just nothing like a family hug of five, when they squeeze so tight. These hugs make everything right.
Being a Mom of one or three you have to have all the answers. Why do I have to wear sunscreen? Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast? (Even though I secretly sneak a handful of chocolate chips some mornings just for a boost) Why are Dad's parts different then ours? Why won't the garbage lady wave to us? What is that random dogs name? Where are we going today? and so on......
If your a Mom, you know once your child is able to form a sentence it is shortly followed with the WHY'S? Although it's sometimes completely frustrating, perhaps maddening, you still in your calm smiling voice have to answer every why. Why are we so patient and why do we do it?
 because you love your kids with all your heart
because you want them to know the answers to everything
because if you hear why one more time you might pull your hair out:)
because a 3yr old has a mind like a sponge, and they need to know
because when you answer why, sometimes they say the darndest things in response
because, because, because........
I'm a Mom of 3 girls and I have all the answers, I think;)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Who says it's a due date?

You see that tiny little plus symbol and realize your pregnant, how exciting. The anticipation already building to the day your new baby is born. Immediately you're calculating a 'due date' for your babe. A date to focus on through the first three months of all day sickness, heart burn so strong you could start a fire, back ache, belly ache, swollen feet and emotional highs and lows. That one date is always looming there. Strangers will ask 'when is your due date'? Family asks 'how many weeks left to go?'. You calculate it yourself, you google 'find your due date', then you wait.....and wait..... and wait. If your more than half the population of expecting moms you wait some more. Your 'due date' comes and then goes again. It happened just this way for me with my third. My due date was coming, I was anxious and so very excited, then it came and went without so much as a braxton hicks. The only thing due on the due date is more anxiety of wondering when the big moment will hit ya. So not unlike so many others I did whatever I could to bring on labour. Yup, spicy food and the whole works. I even started to eat pineapple like it was the last food I would eat. I read somewhere that it may soften your cervix. The most I got out of that deal, was a canker. Four days over 'due', I finally gave birth to my third baby girl. Of course I (and probably everyone else) can completely forget those last four days being the longest most drawn out days. So instead of a due date maybe it could be an 'approximate' date. Next time you ask someone you can say, 'what is your approximate date?'. I am sure they will love it!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

May '24' past and present

I was driving my 3yr old to preschool this morning and the song 'ghetto super star' came on the radio. I might have been listening to light eighties rock, or hits from the 80's and 90's. I don't need to put a date on my age, but let's just say that 'ghetto super star' was uber popular in my late teens/early twenties. The drive to her school is about 10min there and 10min back, giving me ample time to reflect upon the upcoming long weekend, past and present.
When I was in my late teens I had a good friend convince me that I should work at Cleveland's House one summer instead of summer camp. Growing up at summer camp was hard to let go of, and I didn't really know what to expect for my new summer job at 'Cleve's'. Cleveland's House, as a staff member, was like a summer dream come true, a place of your own, working with 200+ staff who partied pretty much daily, and beautiful scenery.  I took advantage of all aspects. Many years followed working as Cleve's staff, always looking forward to May 24 weekend to start an amazing summer of work.
May 24 has evolved for me over the years. During my childhood I was just glad I didn't have to go to school on the Monday, relishing in the extra time at home with Mom and Dad. I spent my teen years avoiding my parents every long weekend and planning camping trips to any campground you could sneak enough booze into.  Once I experienced Cleveland's House, it changed my life.  Now the tables have turned, and we are that family that dreams of spending the weekend at Cleve's. Three fabulous days welcoming in summer with multiple things for Mom, Dad and the kids to keep busy. If I even mention Cleves to my husband (also the place we met) he is in instant dream world, thinking of beers on the sundeck, live music at night (hopefully Kenny Munshaw), kids in the Play World, lying down at the beach etc. etc. "Soon",  I keep telling him, we'll get up there soon.
I know my daughter had no idea that the song 'ghetto super star' could bring back so many memories, but I know she could see my smile as I was driving. I'll be spending this May 24 at home welcoming our 3rd baby, but dreaming of next May 24 when we may be back in Muskoka.
Enjoy the long weekend everyone and may your 'May 24' bring you as many special memories at it has brought me! (Also, feel free to laugh that I was thoroughly enjoying ghetto super star this morning in my Dodge Caravan:) -so worth checking out this summers deals

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The end is here, but it's really not over!

Easter 2012 arrives, I am to make cupcakes for our family gathering. I picture this as my grand finale, a time to make a cupcake so good and so cute I will want to challenge another 52 weeks. Ok, so maybe I won't make another 52 week cupcake challenge, but I am motivated to make super cute cupcakes. I google Easter cupcake images, and find an adorable bunny picture. No directions on how to make it, but I figure I am now a seasoned cupcake maker and can wing it.
I have left over fondant that I prepare the night before, cutting out the little ears.
The morning of (because I insist they taste far better fresh) I whip up my devils food chocolate recipe I have come to love. I whip up a butter cream icing that I also have come to love. Load my 'easy accent decorator', and get to it. It turns out to be quite easy. Fluffy cheeks, licorice whiskers, jellybean eyes and teeth. (you'll notice some of the bunny's have quite yellow discoloured teeth, but my 3yr old jelly bean sorter ate a few teeth:)
Voila, I love them. The grass cupcakes with eggs, was a take off of what I made last year. I thought they looked cute with the bunny's.
A tear forms and trickles down my cheek, nah just kidding. I celebrate, I am happy to be lifted from this challenge. I am also impressed I am able to complete 52 weeks, 1 or more batches of cupcakes every week, NEVER a miss.
Conclusion: I am not ready for my own cupcake business, would need more spare time. I found that many weeks I was squeezing in a batch anywhere I could. Usually with my baking assistants (kid 1 and kid 2). This makes for messy and often rushed cupcakes.
I have used so many pounds of butter I can not even comprehend. It's actually kinda sick. I will be glad not to bulk buy butter and flour anymore. Mom, thanks for always finding the butter sales for me!
I do enjoy making and decorating cupcakes. I still want to do a baking course. Learn more about cakes...hmmmmmmm.
I did find a few key recipes that I feel are taste test approved.
2-devils food chocolate
3-no sugar carrot
5-butter cream icing
6-cream cheese icing
 Also have realized I love the blog, and have quite a few other blogging ideas. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 52, but not the finale! = chocolate marsh mellow MARCH 30th

Chocolate marsh mellow muffins. I found the recipe and wanted to try it. Two reasons, I had marsh mellows, I needed to bake, and I don't like marsh mellows so I knew I wouldn't eat them. Ok so that was three reasons.
Unfortunately they turned out dry and quite bland. hmmmm real bummer seeing we are at the end of the challenge. I think I was purposely trying to dodge the fact that technically I am done. I have started to enjoy the cupcake making and it has become a part of my routine. I find it so easy to bake a batch of cupcakes with a 3 and 1 yr old helping and mess everywhere.
I will however take this next week to make a grand finale cupcake batch and post pics.
I am also committed to making cupcakes for Easter weekend this week!
Stay tuned

Week 51 I finally approach FONDANT

If you want to learn to bake/decorate with fondant icing please first consult someone that has experience with it. I did! Hooray for me. My dear baking friend Wendy has done some amazing things with fondant. beautiful cakes and cupcakes. She was the perfect consult before approaching fondant. She was able to give me rolling, and shaping tips.
Tip one, use any roller you want for fondant. wood, plastic are fine
Tip two, re-ball and re-roll fondant as much as you want
Tip three, work with it quickly as it drys out quite fast (this tip, i didn't follow so well and lost a bit of fondant in the process, it became to dry to re-ball)
Tip four, buy it in bulk, already made, saving yourself loads of hassle (this i followed)
Tip five, colouring your own fondant is easily achieved (i cheated my first attempt and bought pre-coloured fondant)
I have had this vision from week one that I would somehow create beautiful flowers, or at least one beautiful flower that I would delicately place on top of my perfect cupcakes. I always dreamt it would be made from fondant. I don't know why it took my until week 51 to experiment with fondant.
Although, now maybe my subconscious baking mind knew, that I would be a fondant disaster!
I first attempted making my own flowers, like I had visioned. Attempt one disaster with a tad of poopy floppy flower petals. Attempt two, make them look more full with more layers. Again disaster. They looked like my 3yr olds craft project gone haywire.
So I found all of my 3 year old's play doh cutting tools. ha who would of thought, they were the perfect petite size to make some awesome cutouts. Petite teddy bears, ducks, butterflies. Perfect for topping the cupcakes. Fondant looks so much nicer when you use cut outs.
Is this what the big wigs do when decorating? Are those petals and perfectly placed leafs all cutouts??
I need to know this and will find out.
I did completely cover one cupcake with a perfectly rolled and placed yellow fondant layer. Wanted to try my hand at a mini wedding cake look. (Except the only colours I had of pre-coloured fondant icing were pastels) So if a pastel yellow wedding cake with a cute little green ducky is your thing, give me a call:)
I will try fondant again, I think it is a craft that needs to be practised. I do have some more flower ideas too!
Picture on my phone, will post.

Week 50 Chocolate banana, ye ol faithful

Couldn't pass it up, the bananas on our counter were just the perfect shade of brown, they were asking for it. I was going away for a girls weekend and wanted to bring muffins, I just had to.
Sorry Chocolate banana muffins won a stunning week 50!!!

Week 49 LEMON hills very pretty....

March 14th Lemon cupcakes with homemade vanilla frosting infused with real lemon zest.
Anything that is infused with something sounds so lovely doesn't it?
I thought I would try something completely different before the challenge is up. I don't personally like lemon baking, but I know many other's do.
So a simple white based cake with lemon 'infused' in it. Fresh lemon though, real zest and juice.
Which i love doing because I use all my pampered chef products for juicing and zesting and they work so well.
The icing I went a little more heavy on the butter end of the butter cream, to make them richer. I think it was a good choice. I didn't try this cupcake, Tyson liked it, and so did my neighbours.
Again, picture was taken and will be posted beside the blog. (it's on my phone and i can't get it off)


So Tyson's birthday was March 7th so we had to bake a little more this week. No complaints here, I had the opportunity to make a cake instead of cupcakes.
All he requested was we have a chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing. Now that I have done so much baking his taste buds are picking on the homemade baking.
I found a recipe that included chocolate pudding and extra chocolate chips for his chocolate cake. Are you sensing a theme yet.....chocolate. Do you know my husband a little yet??? He's born and raised (i don't know if he was really raised on chocolate, but it sounds good) chocolate oholic!!
So to top it off, I made it a double decker, with homemade real whipped ,from scratch, cream with an additive for firmness. I had the whipped topping as the middle and then frosted the entire double decker of a cake with my homemade chocolate icing.
Let's just say, this cake was amazing! Moist, rich, gooey and delicious. Most of us could only handle a small piece. Tyson on the other hand ate that cake for lunch, dinner, and every meal after for 48hrs until the entire cake was gone. That has to mean it tasted good, or he wouldn't of eaten it.
Picture was taken and will be attached to this soon. The cake did start to slide immediately after we cut into it, causing it to avalanche into a giant blob!
A blob for the blog!

March 5th Week 48 Zucchini takes over!

Here come the vegetables taking over the cupcake world/challenge again!
Well the zucchini were taking over my fridge, after the weekend when I happened to get an amazing deal at the market and felt the need to purchase 6 zucchini. Really who needs that many? If I would of consulted any zucchini recipes before hand I would of seen that any recipe calls for 1/2 to no more than 1 cup of zucchini at a time. Do you know how many cups you can get from 1 giant zucchini?
I'll tell you, at least 2.
That's 2 cups of zucchini X 6 zucchini = 12 cups of zucchini!!!! AKA toooooo much ZUCCHINI
Say ZUCCHINI 3 times fast.......... funny word isn't it?
So, thanks to my dear baking friend Mairghread, who passed on her mom's zucchini loaf recipe.
I was able to make chocolate zucchini loaf and cupcakes.
I was on my way to London to visit our other dear friends, who really didn't have a choice in the matter, zucchini was coming there way.
I don't know if they were just being nice, but apparently the loaf/cupcakes were a hit. Myself personally, i didn't like the mix of chocolate and zucchini. I think I would of like the zucchini on it's own or chocolate on it's own.
That's 1 zucchini down and 5 to go.......... 1 used in stir fry check.....1 given to family check..... 1 fed to the deer out back check.....and 2 wasted. Sorry couldn't come up with anymore zucchini times.
Won't be buying it for a long time:)

Week 43-47 Muffins, repeats and Valentines Day

So boring post, but I did quite a few repeats this month. Chocolate chocolate, chocolate with vanilla butter cream icing. Chocolate chip muffins (which were a sub from my choc/raspberry muffins, no raspberries), banana chocolate muffins and well you get the point.
I have been on a huge muffin kick being prego.
Valentines Day Telsche and I did do some baking together. Chocolate brownie cupcakes from scratch. Not the greatest recipe, won't do that again. Dry chocolate.
You ever have those weeks or those months were the time just flies by and your not sure how you got to where your at, or what even happened?? That was February here. Could be because everyone in the house had the flu.....twice, then a cold, could be because I am getting more and more prego by the second, or that my husband moved two office locations.
Regardless, the challenge happened every week, and I never missed a deadline.
Still on track.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Week 43-January 31st

Time to perfect the VANILLA CUPCAKE. Mission started, mission accomplished.
Yahoo, vanilla is done and we are moving on. Use white sugar, don't substitute, use white flour, don't substitute. Don't mind the picture of my horrible icing job. I was at my parents, and really this week was all about taste, not looks. I just took a picture so you knew I am not just making this up week to week:::)))  Hmmm next week??????

Week 42- Bunny's Birthday

Why not celebrate our beloved bunny. Bunny has been with us through thick and thin, he's been tossed, bounced, washed, thrown in the mud, hidden in blankets, covered in paint/barf/water/snow/mud etc, and he is perfect! When I say I am making cupcakes today, Telsche says 'yeah a birthday party'. So we had a planned party for Bunny. Invited a few special guests of course, Grandma and Papa. Picked a perfect cupcake to make. Cookie monster of course, for bunny. Well, it's a party then.
I was working on the vanilla cupcake that I have been avoiding. The decoration was for fun, but turned out really great. I used a ziplock bag for the decorating, first with tip and then no tip. No tip, was much easier.
Vanilla cupcakes, not so great. Dry and dense. Of course I used brown sugar instead of white because that's all I had. Not a great idea. Pictures!!!!!!!!!

Ps, bunny turned two today:)

Week 41-Square to cirlce

January 14th, 2012. Our annual visit with my husbands family in Oshawa. I made mars bar squares. Super yummy. Would be easy to put into a circular cupcake form, but I didn't. GASP! Yep, i knew i could and I didn't. I left them in the square pan, and then cut them into square shapes. Seemed so wrong, after so many circle cupcake.
ha, oh well, next week.

Week 40

Plain and simple- Jan 10th, bed assembly, early morning. Chocolate chip muffins.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Week 39-Ohhh how I love Cheescake

ohhhhh la la, doesn't this look divine? Don't you want a spoon and a can of whip cream now? Well so do I. Unfortunately this is not my cheesecake. boooo. I forgot to take a photo.......AGAIN! Fortunately the challenge proceeded forward this week with a chocolate cheesecake cupcake version. First take an entire package of double stuffed oreo's and crush them/mash them. Minus the 2-3 that may have made it into my mouth before entering the bowl. Second it says to add a tbs of margarine/butter to it. I added a little more than that, and now know why you shouldn't. (details to follow) Then mix the 4 packages of cream cheese together. That's right 4 packages, holy geezers! Add in the sugar, melted chocolate, vanilla and eggs and voila. Pour over top of beautiful oreo crust and bake.
Mistake number 1: Adding too much marg to the crust. After baking the crust it was rock hard. Like hard toffee candy hard. Even though family members tell you it takes good, you know it's wrong when nothing is left on your plate except crust:)
Mistake number 2: Recipe says bake for 50-55min. Sure if you've put it in a large pan as one big cheesecake. NOT if you've decided to divide it up into cheesecakes. Baking time should be reduced.
So if you've never had dry cheesecake, you missed out. You can, and I did, dry out the cheesecake.
Sorry Dad about your birthday cake being a little dry and rock hard in the bottom. A slight disappointment when we love cheesecake so much. Oh well.
Next week, i have no inspiration. hmmmmmm what to make?
Maybe it's time to work on the red velvet I said I would do, or the vanilla, or fondant icing.
Keep posted.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Week 38- December 26, 2011

I made the 'oh christmas tree' design again today. Wanted to take a picture for the records, AGAIN and forgot. Seriously Kathy where is your head. Probably in the mound of cream cheese icing I made, along with the extra batch of chocolate icing for the trunk. Or it was with the Christmas shopping, baking, and busy 1.5year old and 3 year old I had running around the house:)
So no picture record, but if you need reference that it actually did happen call someone I know!
Last year I made nutcracker cupcakes and they were adorable. I don't know why I didn't do this again. The Christmas tree was easy, I suppose. Moving on from Christmas.

Week 37- Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

December 20th my husband and I went to pampered chef Christmas party. We were supposed to bring apps, but I decided to bring dessert to accompany the apps. In the craziness of it all, I forgot to take a picture before we left. Not to worry, I was planning on making this dessert the next week for family Christmas. I'll take a picture then!
Here is the picture from the book, I took the idea from. I made the cupcakes devil's food chocolate, with cream cheese icing.
I hope they were enjoyed, I was too busy playing croch in ooo (how do you spell this game anyways??)) with their 11 year old son, that I forgot where I was:)

Playdate December 13th-Chocolate vanilla

 Sorry to say that I had to 'squeeze in a cupcake' this week. I had just finished the big birthday cupcakes, things were getting busy for holiday prep, and I knew I would be making some holiday cupcakes. So this week, I pulled out the basic chocolate and vanilla icing AGAIN. so bla bla, you know the story here. Moving on.....

Week 35- Cupcakes go on the road!


  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 cup milk
Today we went for a visit to our friend's the Lewis's house. She was preparing for her daughters 1st Birthday Party anddddd they were making cupcakes. So we threw together some ingredients and called it a cupcake week. Perfect! We made this vanilla cupcake recipe. We also made vanilla icing to go along with it. Yepee, cupcakes are complete. I haven't tried this recipe at home yet, but will. My family is not so into vanilla, but maybe i can spice them up.


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour a 9x9 inch pan or line a muffin pan with paper liners.
  2. In a medium bowl, cream together the sugar and butter. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, then stir in the vanilla. Combine flour and baking powder, add to the creamed mixture and mix well. Finally stir in the milk until batter is smooth. Pour or spoon batter into the prepared pan.
  3. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven. For cupcakes, bake 20 to 25 minutes. Cake is done when it springs back to the touch.

Completed Dec 2nd 2011

Week 34 The doggy cupcakes are too cute!

November 29th, her actual 3rd birthday. I couldn't help myself. I had been wanting to make the dog cupcakes. They were so cute in the picture, and she had to have a cake on her actual birthday:)
They were fairly easy to make. The tongue's are mashed up pink tootsie rolls, and the ears are the original brown tootsie rolls. Raisinette's for the eyes, so sweet. She loved it and that's what was important. The cupcake itself is basic chocolate.

T's big 3rd Birthday, a Horse of a good time!

Prior to our daughters 3rd birthday, I spent some time talking to her about her birthday and what the day would be like. OF COURSE, she thought it would include a party with the two following things: presents and cake! No problem, I can do that. I showed her a cupcake book I have and asked her to pick out her favourite picture, one she would love for her birthday. I thought she would pick the dog cupcakes, simple design, lots to choose from but she found the perfect 3rd birthday cake. A horsey cake (cupcake). She was so set on having a horsey cake, nothing, i mean nothing was changing her mind. I asked her for weeks which cake she wanted and each time she would respond with a horsey cake.
It seemed it was mission impossible to make these horsey cupcakes. They looked detailed and involved a few ingredients, I had never heard of.
For one: What is circus peanuts. I'll tell you. They are a marsh mellow like candy that looks like a candy and comes in different colours. I will also tell you that no store in all of Guelph carries circus peanuts. This was a huge issue because the heads were to be made from circus peanuts. (This is where you hear my loud disgruntled sigh)
Number two: When is the last time you had a vanilla OR chocolate wafer??? and where do you find them? Answer: the grocery store, thank God!
Long story short, I searched in multiple locations for a proper head for the horse. I decided on tootsie rolls in a yellow colour and marsh mellows cut in a quarter.
All of the effort of making these, was a huge pay off. She loved them, and they were so fun to have as a 3rd birthday cake.
Here is our version of 'horsey cake'.