Thursday, 28 June 2012

Who says it's a due date?

You see that tiny little plus symbol and realize your pregnant, how exciting. The anticipation already building to the day your new baby is born. Immediately you're calculating a 'due date' for your babe. A date to focus on through the first three months of all day sickness, heart burn so strong you could start a fire, back ache, belly ache, swollen feet and emotional highs and lows. That one date is always looming there. Strangers will ask 'when is your due date'? Family asks 'how many weeks left to go?'. You calculate it yourself, you google 'find your due date', then you wait.....and wait..... and wait. If your more than half the population of expecting moms you wait some more. Your 'due date' comes and then goes again. It happened just this way for me with my third. My due date was coming, I was anxious and so very excited, then it came and went without so much as a braxton hicks. The only thing due on the due date is more anxiety of wondering when the big moment will hit ya. So not unlike so many others I did whatever I could to bring on labour. Yup, spicy food and the whole works. I even started to eat pineapple like it was the last food I would eat. I read somewhere that it may soften your cervix. The most I got out of that deal, was a canker. Four days over 'due', I finally gave birth to my third baby girl. Of course I (and probably everyone else) can completely forget those last four days being the longest most drawn out days. So instead of a due date maybe it could be an 'approximate' date. Next time you ask someone you can say, 'what is your approximate date?'. I am sure they will love it!

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