Thursday, 17 May 2012

May '24' past and present

I was driving my 3yr old to preschool this morning and the song 'ghetto super star' came on the radio. I might have been listening to light eighties rock, or hits from the 80's and 90's. I don't need to put a date on my age, but let's just say that 'ghetto super star' was uber popular in my late teens/early twenties. The drive to her school is about 10min there and 10min back, giving me ample time to reflect upon the upcoming long weekend, past and present.
When I was in my late teens I had a good friend convince me that I should work at Cleveland's House one summer instead of summer camp. Growing up at summer camp was hard to let go of, and I didn't really know what to expect for my new summer job at 'Cleve's'. Cleveland's House, as a staff member, was like a summer dream come true, a place of your own, working with 200+ staff who partied pretty much daily, and beautiful scenery.  I took advantage of all aspects. Many years followed working as Cleve's staff, always looking forward to May 24 weekend to start an amazing summer of work.
May 24 has evolved for me over the years. During my childhood I was just glad I didn't have to go to school on the Monday, relishing in the extra time at home with Mom and Dad. I spent my teen years avoiding my parents every long weekend and planning camping trips to any campground you could sneak enough booze into.  Once I experienced Cleveland's House, it changed my life.  Now the tables have turned, and we are that family that dreams of spending the weekend at Cleve's. Three fabulous days welcoming in summer with multiple things for Mom, Dad and the kids to keep busy. If I even mention Cleves to my husband (also the place we met) he is in instant dream world, thinking of beers on the sundeck, live music at night (hopefully Kenny Munshaw), kids in the Play World, lying down at the beach etc. etc. "Soon",  I keep telling him, we'll get up there soon.
I know my daughter had no idea that the song 'ghetto super star' could bring back so many memories, but I know she could see my smile as I was driving. I'll be spending this May 24 at home welcoming our 3rd baby, but dreaming of next May 24 when we may be back in Muskoka.
Enjoy the long weekend everyone and may your 'May 24' bring you as many special memories at it has brought me! (Also, feel free to laugh that I was thoroughly enjoying ghetto super star this morning in my Dodge Caravan:) -so worth checking out this summers deals

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  1. And we're busy getting ready to open soon!! Hope the arrival of the new baby goes well....can't wait to see the 5 of you this summer!!