Sunday, 22 April 2012

The end is here, but it's really not over!

Easter 2012 arrives, I am to make cupcakes for our family gathering. I picture this as my grand finale, a time to make a cupcake so good and so cute I will want to challenge another 52 weeks. Ok, so maybe I won't make another 52 week cupcake challenge, but I am motivated to make super cute cupcakes. I google Easter cupcake images, and find an adorable bunny picture. No directions on how to make it, but I figure I am now a seasoned cupcake maker and can wing it.
I have left over fondant that I prepare the night before, cutting out the little ears.
The morning of (because I insist they taste far better fresh) I whip up my devils food chocolate recipe I have come to love. I whip up a butter cream icing that I also have come to love. Load my 'easy accent decorator', and get to it. It turns out to be quite easy. Fluffy cheeks, licorice whiskers, jellybean eyes and teeth. (you'll notice some of the bunny's have quite yellow discoloured teeth, but my 3yr old jelly bean sorter ate a few teeth:)
Voila, I love them. The grass cupcakes with eggs, was a take off of what I made last year. I thought they looked cute with the bunny's.
A tear forms and trickles down my cheek, nah just kidding. I celebrate, I am happy to be lifted from this challenge. I am also impressed I am able to complete 52 weeks, 1 or more batches of cupcakes every week, NEVER a miss.
Conclusion: I am not ready for my own cupcake business, would need more spare time. I found that many weeks I was squeezing in a batch anywhere I could. Usually with my baking assistants (kid 1 and kid 2). This makes for messy and often rushed cupcakes.
I have used so many pounds of butter I can not even comprehend. It's actually kinda sick. I will be glad not to bulk buy butter and flour anymore. Mom, thanks for always finding the butter sales for me!
I do enjoy making and decorating cupcakes. I still want to do a baking course. Learn more about cakes...hmmmmmmm.
I did find a few key recipes that I feel are taste test approved.
2-devils food chocolate
3-no sugar carrot
5-butter cream icing
6-cream cheese icing
 Also have realized I love the blog, and have quite a few other blogging ideas. Stay tuned.

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