Sunday, 1 April 2012


So Tyson's birthday was March 7th so we had to bake a little more this week. No complaints here, I had the opportunity to make a cake instead of cupcakes.
All he requested was we have a chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing. Now that I have done so much baking his taste buds are picking on the homemade baking.
I found a recipe that included chocolate pudding and extra chocolate chips for his chocolate cake. Are you sensing a theme yet.....chocolate. Do you know my husband a little yet??? He's born and raised (i don't know if he was really raised on chocolate, but it sounds good) chocolate oholic!!
So to top it off, I made it a double decker, with homemade real whipped ,from scratch, cream with an additive for firmness. I had the whipped topping as the middle and then frosted the entire double decker of a cake with my homemade chocolate icing.
Let's just say, this cake was amazing! Moist, rich, gooey and delicious. Most of us could only handle a small piece. Tyson on the other hand ate that cake for lunch, dinner, and every meal after for 48hrs until the entire cake was gone. That has to mean it tasted good, or he wouldn't of eaten it.
Picture was taken and will be attached to this soon. The cake did start to slide immediately after we cut into it, causing it to avalanche into a giant blob!
A blob for the blog!

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