Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 43-47 Muffins, repeats and Valentines Day

So boring post, but I did quite a few repeats this month. Chocolate chocolate, chocolate with vanilla butter cream icing. Chocolate chip muffins (which were a sub from my choc/raspberry muffins, no raspberries), banana chocolate muffins and well you get the point.
I have been on a huge muffin kick being prego.
Valentines Day Telsche and I did do some baking together. Chocolate brownie cupcakes from scratch. Not the greatest recipe, won't do that again. Dry chocolate.
You ever have those weeks or those months were the time just flies by and your not sure how you got to where your at, or what even happened?? That was February here. Could be because everyone in the house had the flu.....twice, then a cold, could be because I am getting more and more prego by the second, or that my husband moved two office locations.
Regardless, the challenge happened every week, and I never missed a deadline.
Still on track.

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