Saturday, 18 August 2012

Damn you cinnamon buns!

I am going to share a sweet little secret that my husband and I share;) Lean in close you don't want to miss this one.
Often we frequent St. Jacobs Market. A fun place to take the kids, to pick up local fruit and veg, and to taste some sweet treats. There is a vendor, a lovely Mennonite lady, in the market. Her stall is placed inside. From the road facing parking lot, you enter through vendor number one, through the double doors, walk down the right hand side of the vendors, past the Stone Crock bakery, just past the syrup sales man (may I add that he is the one and only that sells 'dark' syrup) and on your left you will find 'THE CINNAMON BUN' lady. It is a small booth. She cooks them right there.
They are served warm with icing. I don't even like Cinnamon buns, but I love these. I prefer the plain icing ones, but you can also get maple icing. I am trying to eat healthier these days, and then there she is. They are cheap and so delicious. If your in the area give her a try.
Damn you Cinnamon bun, why are you so good!

After a car ride discussion with my husband today, he has informed me that I need to start a corn rating/review website. He says I am corn obsessed and go way overboard with my hunt for the perfect corn every year. HA. Ok let me prelude you with my corn background!
Since before I can remember I have loved corn on the cob. In fact when I was asked as a kid what my favourite food was, my response was always 'corn on the cob'. When I lost my front two teeth, I remember gnawing on the corn with the side of my mouth. I love everything about corn on the cob. I love going out to a farm to pick it up, I love peeling it and picking off the little hairs, I love placing it perfectly in a pot to boil, I love to time the boil perfect, and to smell the corn. Most of all I love to butter and salt each row before eating it. I don't like to use corn picks (I feel it takes away from the experience), I like to have my own knife for the butter, or better yet I like to roll it in the butter. When we were kids on a special occasion, my Mom would take out a brand new pound of butter and let us roll our cobs in it. Oh bliss.
So, I still love Corn on the Cob SEASON!
This season, I am finding myself unusually attached to the corn. Is it strange that within a 30km radius I can find at least 5-10 different corn producers, and they all have a different taste. I was happy to take it upon myself and my taste testing family to try out as many varieties as possible.
Will I start a corn rating, but I sure do take my corn tasting serious;)
So here is the breakdown thus far:
1. Stroms, just on the outskirts of Guelph, off of Hwy 24. Well known in and around Guelph. The farm is meant for the family to visit. Things for the kids to do 3 seasons a year. That part is awesome. Except that every time my kids want to go there they want a new $1 ducky to put down the pond. Also, they pass out complimentary 6 corn each year. They hang a bag on your door. I suppose in hopes that you'll spend more money at the farm. Which we always do, but last week we went just for the 6 free corn. Took them home to eat. I was sadly disappointed.  The 'golden nugget' corn was just so so. 3 of the cobs didn't taste very good and the other 3 were crunchy with not much flavour. boooo
But I will try again.
NOTE: I do have a very unique taste for corn. I like a tasty corn with a juicy large kernel.
2. Grocery store: Enough said, booooo
3. Mennonite Farm, I believe on Northfield drive. Cute farm where they wheel a waggon out when they are open for business. The corn was lovely. Quite tasty, but maybe not chewy enough for me.
4. Turn left at the lights past Knapps, on Hwy 24 heading towards Erin from Guelph. Apparently they don't use chemicals on their corn here either. Wow awesome. Keep in mind 2 out of every dozen were throw away pieces BUT the other 10 were amazing. So perfect.

ALSO NOTE: there is a place just outside of London ON, south of the 401, that in past years, had the best corn I have ever had. I haven't been there is year, and I will have to go back asap.
Corn comments anyone???