Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 51 I finally approach FONDANT

If you want to learn to bake/decorate with fondant icing please first consult someone that has experience with it. I did! Hooray for me. My dear baking friend Wendy has done some amazing things with fondant. beautiful cakes and cupcakes. She was the perfect consult before approaching fondant. She was able to give me rolling, and shaping tips.
Tip one, use any roller you want for fondant. wood, plastic are fine
Tip two, re-ball and re-roll fondant as much as you want
Tip three, work with it quickly as it drys out quite fast (this tip, i didn't follow so well and lost a bit of fondant in the process, it became to dry to re-ball)
Tip four, buy it in bulk, already made, saving yourself loads of hassle (this i followed)
Tip five, colouring your own fondant is easily achieved (i cheated my first attempt and bought pre-coloured fondant)
I have had this vision from week one that I would somehow create beautiful flowers, or at least one beautiful flower that I would delicately place on top of my perfect cupcakes. I always dreamt it would be made from fondant. I don't know why it took my until week 51 to experiment with fondant.
Although, now maybe my subconscious baking mind knew, that I would be a fondant disaster!
I first attempted making my own flowers, like I had visioned. Attempt one disaster with a tad of poopy floppy flower petals. Attempt two, make them look more full with more layers. Again disaster. They looked like my 3yr olds craft project gone haywire.
So I found all of my 3 year old's play doh cutting tools. ha who would of thought, they were the perfect petite size to make some awesome cutouts. Petite teddy bears, ducks, butterflies. Perfect for topping the cupcakes. Fondant looks so much nicer when you use cut outs.
Is this what the big wigs do when decorating? Are those petals and perfectly placed leafs all cutouts??
I need to know this and will find out.
I did completely cover one cupcake with a perfectly rolled and placed yellow fondant layer. Wanted to try my hand at a mini wedding cake look. (Except the only colours I had of pre-coloured fondant icing were pastels) So if a pastel yellow wedding cake with a cute little green ducky is your thing, give me a call:)
I will try fondant again, I think it is a craft that needs to be practised. I do have some more flower ideas too!
Picture on my phone, will post.

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