Sunday, 1 April 2012

March 5th Week 48 Zucchini takes over!

Here come the vegetables taking over the cupcake world/challenge again!
Well the zucchini were taking over my fridge, after the weekend when I happened to get an amazing deal at the market and felt the need to purchase 6 zucchini. Really who needs that many? If I would of consulted any zucchini recipes before hand I would of seen that any recipe calls for 1/2 to no more than 1 cup of zucchini at a time. Do you know how many cups you can get from 1 giant zucchini?
I'll tell you, at least 2.
That's 2 cups of zucchini X 6 zucchini = 12 cups of zucchini!!!! AKA toooooo much ZUCCHINI
Say ZUCCHINI 3 times fast.......... funny word isn't it?
So, thanks to my dear baking friend Mairghread, who passed on her mom's zucchini loaf recipe.
I was able to make chocolate zucchini loaf and cupcakes.
I was on my way to London to visit our other dear friends, who really didn't have a choice in the matter, zucchini was coming there way.
I don't know if they were just being nice, but apparently the loaf/cupcakes were a hit. Myself personally, i didn't like the mix of chocolate and zucchini. I think I would of like the zucchini on it's own or chocolate on it's own.
That's 1 zucchini down and 5 to go.......... 1 used in stir fry check.....1 given to family check..... 1 fed to the deer out back check.....and 2 wasted. Sorry couldn't come up with anymore zucchini times.
Won't be buying it for a long time:)

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