Friday, 6 January 2012

Week 39-Ohhh how I love Cheescake

ohhhhh la la, doesn't this look divine? Don't you want a spoon and a can of whip cream now? Well so do I. Unfortunately this is not my cheesecake. boooo. I forgot to take a photo.......AGAIN! Fortunately the challenge proceeded forward this week with a chocolate cheesecake cupcake version. First take an entire package of double stuffed oreo's and crush them/mash them. Minus the 2-3 that may have made it into my mouth before entering the bowl. Second it says to add a tbs of margarine/butter to it. I added a little more than that, and now know why you shouldn't. (details to follow) Then mix the 4 packages of cream cheese together. That's right 4 packages, holy geezers! Add in the sugar, melted chocolate, vanilla and eggs and voila. Pour over top of beautiful oreo crust and bake.
Mistake number 1: Adding too much marg to the crust. After baking the crust it was rock hard. Like hard toffee candy hard. Even though family members tell you it takes good, you know it's wrong when nothing is left on your plate except crust:)
Mistake number 2: Recipe says bake for 50-55min. Sure if you've put it in a large pan as one big cheesecake. NOT if you've decided to divide it up into cheesecakes. Baking time should be reduced.
So if you've never had dry cheesecake, you missed out. You can, and I did, dry out the cheesecake.
Sorry Dad about your birthday cake being a little dry and rock hard in the bottom. A slight disappointment when we love cheesecake so much. Oh well.
Next week, i have no inspiration. hmmmmmm what to make?
Maybe it's time to work on the red velvet I said I would do, or the vanilla, or fondant icing.
Keep posted.

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