Monday, 2 January 2012

T's big 3rd Birthday, a Horse of a good time!

Prior to our daughters 3rd birthday, I spent some time talking to her about her birthday and what the day would be like. OF COURSE, she thought it would include a party with the two following things: presents and cake! No problem, I can do that. I showed her a cupcake book I have and asked her to pick out her favourite picture, one she would love for her birthday. I thought she would pick the dog cupcakes, simple design, lots to choose from but she found the perfect 3rd birthday cake. A horsey cake (cupcake). She was so set on having a horsey cake, nothing, i mean nothing was changing her mind. I asked her for weeks which cake she wanted and each time she would respond with a horsey cake.
It seemed it was mission impossible to make these horsey cupcakes. They looked detailed and involved a few ingredients, I had never heard of.
For one: What is circus peanuts. I'll tell you. They are a marsh mellow like candy that looks like a candy and comes in different colours. I will also tell you that no store in all of Guelph carries circus peanuts. This was a huge issue because the heads were to be made from circus peanuts. (This is where you hear my loud disgruntled sigh)
Number two: When is the last time you had a vanilla OR chocolate wafer??? and where do you find them? Answer: the grocery store, thank God!
Long story short, I searched in multiple locations for a proper head for the horse. I decided on tootsie rolls in a yellow colour and marsh mellows cut in a quarter.
All of the effort of making these, was a huge pay off. She loved them, and they were so fun to have as a 3rd birthday cake.
Here is our version of 'horsey cake'.

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