Saturday, 22 September 2012

To Facebook or not to Facebook

Facebook, wow what a jump forward in the social train. When I was in high school if you liked a boy you had to maybe, just maybe get a note passed to you from the boys friend, who passed it to your friends friend who then hopefully passes it to you before reading it, laughing and shoving it your way.

 Please check one of the following: will you go out with me yes, no or maybe. Do these words sound familiar? Notes and letter writing are a curbside notion compared to FACEBOOK options now. If you even look at a boy in high school I bet your friends friend has it posted all over facebook before you can even say 'is that an IPHONE 5?'.
Maybe I am now considered a dinosaur in the high school world, but really I would of been eaten alive if facebook existed when I went to high school. My face would of been beet red at the mention of me liking someone, I can't imagine what fine looking pictures my friends of friends would have fired off of me onto a front page post on facebook.
High school is a world full of 'firsts' already, adding facebook and twitter and instant messaging is making those 'firsts' more awkward then they need to be. It's like speed rocketing through puberty in a library. You are constantly 'trying' to be awkwardly cool in a whirlwind of  up and downs.
Well, enjoy the bumpy ride suckers, oops I mean kids because i just can't imagine what will be available when my kids go to high school.
So, my original point, to facebook or not to facebook. For me, absolutely facebook. I can catch up with old friends, see pictures of their kids, post updates on our family and enjoy a leisurely post from a friends friend. For high school kids, I don't think you have a choice. If you don't you will be left behind in the dust, just try to slow the speed an IPHONE or two.

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