Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week 11, Birthday's Again!

Thank goodness for birthday's and holidays or I would be a boring Bob for cupcake making. This weekend was my Mom's birthday. June 5th. Cupcakes, yeah!
I first want to say, is there ever going to be a week where I don't eat at least one cupcake????? Please cupcake God make me stop eating them. Sometimes there not even that good, I just eat them. This week, posed an especially big issue with the cupcake eating because I made them on my Mom's birthday and then I didn't see her. She went away. Yeah for you Mom, bad for me and my hips. My Mom had requested earlier on for chocolate-chocolate cupcakes. I want to perfect my chocolate icing anyways. The icing wasn't so hot...... AGAIN! I put it on real thick though, in hopes that you may just be overwhelmed with sugar and disregard that, 'hmmmm there just is something missing', feeling. Can I swear on hear? Of course I can, it's my blog::)))) *##$$#$## ps for future reference that means shit, crap f*#k. Sorry Mom and Dad. I am getting tired of not having a perfect icing all the time. Its been almost 3 months. So no pictures. My Mom seemed to like them though. Thank goodness. Promise by week 52 mom, I'll have the best chocolate-chocolate cupcakes you could ever imagine. Sigh!

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