Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Super Mom Challenge

Why not start off my blog with a super Mom challenge! So, I have been thinking about a small business I can do from home, something that I love, something that will allow me to be with my children. hmmmm what can I do??? Well, one of my favourite things to do it bake:) I love making cupcakes/muffins. So I have given myself a super challenge. Here's one way to get skilled in doing something, do it over and over again!
Here's the Challenge:
Bake one/more batches of cupcakes/muffins per week for one year.
That's 52 batches.
I can repeat recipes if they seem to be going well to perfect them, but must produce one batch of cupcakes/muffins per week. (12 or more)
I hope to perfect my icing techniques, and come up with something unique for my cupcakes. Come up with a business name along the way, and find a few favourites.
The good thing for you is, I will blog each week the progress outcome and hopefully some pictures. I will also blog the feedback from the tasters (which could be anyone over the year). To top it off,  my life is funny, I can guarantee there will be humour. 
I will be taking suggestions.
Wish me luck!
Challenge to start: Friday March 25th (each week will go Fri-Thur)
Challenge to end: Thursday Thurs March 22nd 2012

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  1. What a fun (and yummy!) idea...Wish I could join your tasting panel...Look forward to following your delicious adventure :)