Thursday, 15 September 2011

Week 23-Use up the peaches!

It was just peach season and we had some delicious ones sitting on our counter begging to be used. One of my childhood favourite's is apple crisp. My Mom's yummy homemade apple goodness. The kind of baking that you love so much you can taste it even when your not at home. The kind of yumminess that you smell when walk in the door from a long boring day of school and smell lofting the air of your cozy home. The kind of dish that says 'this reminds me of home.' So I have this idea that it would taste just as good as a peach crisp. I spent two days looking up recipes on the internet for amazing peach crisps. NOT ONE of them had a peach crisp with the yummy bottom. All of them were peaches glazed and then a crumble on top. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't a crumble the kind with the stuff on top only?? a crisp the one with the crispy bottom and crumble on top???
I finally remember to ask my mom for her apple crisp recipe. (As a side note, asking my mom for a recipe is really a funny story in itself. She has to go to the infamous recipe cupboard, and find her recipe book. There is many recipe books in her cupboard, but the only one that is used is ancient and falling apart. It probably only has the capacity to hold 20 recipes but there are at least 100 in it. They are all stuffed in, loose page after loose page. These are the reasons I love this recipe book. None the less, it is funny every time.)
I am excited to make it, but really don't realize how much sugar is in it. It's way too much, I should have known.
The moral is, they turned out wayyyyyy too sweet. I felt really disgusting after eating part of one. Tyson ate one and only one.
I won't be making peach crisp again.

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