Monday, 2 May 2011

Cupcake challenge Week 6 of 52

I drift through this week. AKA I had no brilliant ideas/motivation to make anything spectacular. Soooo I had doubled the chocolate batter last week and saved half. I used it this week and just had to add the wet ingredients to it. That makes for fast cupcakes. In fact, when the kids went to bed at 12:15, I went to the bank, did the groceries, made the cupcakes and icing all before they woke up at 2pm. Not bad I thought. I tinted the icing yellow, just for fun. (purposely ripped the ingredients list off the food colouring box as to not see what crap was in it) I got my handy dandy injector thingy out. Shoved the icing in it after choosing a large star tip. Voila, swirling beautiful tops. Easy as pie (except making pie is not easy, stupid saying). I also layered icing on two cupcakes thickly and then rolled them in fun sprinkle colours. Then I stuck a sucker in the top of each one. They looked pretty cute. I just wanted to see how they would look, because I was thinking this would be an easy decorating solution in a pinch. Clearly kids would be drawn to them, my two year old was asking for the sucker all day.
Notes for this week:
Next week make the cupcakes and then give them away immediately. I am going to look like a cupcake in 40 something weeks. They just taste so good.
Try chocolate icing with the chocolate cupcake for an extra rich treat. Possibly try brownie cupcakes/fudgey ones.
Until next time!

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