Monday, 25 April 2011

Cupcake Challenge Week 5 of 52


So, my challenge this week was to work on design. Pick something that would be a 'challenge' and try to make it work. I re-did the chocolate cupcake recipe I used earlier because I know it works. (not too rich, moist enough, clear chocolate taste) I used a basic confectioners sugar icing recipe. Followed it exact. Except I always use Almond milk because that is all we ever have.
Cupcakes I made in regular time. I decided to work on the icing while the kids and my husband were in the living room (which is attached to our kitchen). I don't usually do this unless I want to frustrate myself or I am in a mad rush). Lucky for me, backyardagans were entrancing both the kids and my husband.
Making the icing, not a problem. I again, followed the recipe exactly. Then came time to tint the icing to the colour of grass. (you'll see in the pictures). I separated the icing into three bowls. Tinted the first bowl darker green, the second one light, and then made the third one into chocolate icing (by melting on square of semi-sweet choc and a tablespoon of butter, then adding it to the icing). I used my new injector thingy tool with a funny looking half moon-jagged tip on it to create the grass. I borrowed the directions on how to make icing fur (as in fur on dogs) to then simulate into grass:)
It took me 20mins to decorate the first cupcake. I was ready to throw in the towel because that was exhausting. BUT of course I challenged through.
TO make the bunnies popping down the hole, i covered the cupcake in chocolate icing, then covered it with oreo cookie crumbs. I cut out the feet from white chocolate wafers (this alone took over 5 mins/set of feet), then coloured the chocolate icing even darker to pipe on the paw prints, with the other injector tool i have, then stuck a mini-marshmallow on it.
So see what you think for yourselves. The first two are my cupcakes and the last one is the picture I copied it from.
I can't even think about next week yet, I am cupcaked out today!

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  1. I think they look adorable and delicious! Great job!!