Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cupcake Challenge Week 2 of 52

Icing is still a problem! I decided to make CARROT CUPCAKES with a WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM CHEESE ICING. Sounds delicious I know.
The one thing I don't like about making carrot cupcakes/muffins is grating the carrots. Just seems like an extra step in baking, but.... 2 cups of carrots really doesn't take very long.
These cupcakes had pineapple in them as well. Really added to the moisture of the cupcakes but you didn't have to taste the pineapple.
The cupcakes were really moist. Kinda of oily. If I made this recipe again, I would cutback on the oil and sub in applesauce, but that might make them mushy. hmmmmm
My tasters this week (aka my family again) loved the cupcakes, loved the taste, but also thought they were too moist/oily if they were for someone. I.E if they were to be displayed for a birthday/wedding.  Just touching the paper liners, your fingers were oily.
Soooooo ICING. Geez, why does it have to be so frustrating. I've decided it's not my icing recipes/consistencies, it's my technique. How much icing to put in the pastry bag, what temperature should it be, how to squeeze the icing out perfectly on the cupcakes.
I had just as much issues this week as last with the icing. I switched the icing bag twice (alternating with a Ziploc bag). It would only come out in tiny spaghetti like lines. Not the big swooping swirls I was looking for.
I am kinda of getting carpal tunnel from squeezing the bag so hard.
Note to self: Solicit outside help for decorating. Join a cake decorating course, talk to my aunt (baker), google cake decorating.
Pictures to follow.
Feeling slightly discouraged and it's only week 2, but then remembering I have
50 more tries to make it right:))
PS white chocolate in the icing wasn't worth it. You couldn't taste it and it was a lot of hassle and silly to get the heavy cream and white chocolate only to use a few table spoons.

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