Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cupcake Challenge Week 3 of 52

At first I thought I would continue with the carrot theme and perfect it. So I gathered all the ingredients to make SUGAR FREE CARROT MUFFINS. orrrrr so I thought. I forgot the bloody carrots. Seriously, where is my head. Oh right with a two children under two and five billion other things going on:) So slightly disappointing because we were expecting friends over in 2hrs and I already had the cream cheese thawing to room temp for the icing. So a quickly looked for a backup recipe that I did have the ingredients for. CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES. Plain chocolate, nothing fancy.

They were easy to make, and the cream cheese icing went great with them. They were moist and yummy. I think they may be a keeper to try again, with another icing.
No pictures for this week as I was in a huge hurry. The icing however, was easier to push through the stupidly small hole of the tip. I have a book that shows how to ice with a zip lock bag, maybe I will try this next time and try the sugar free carrot. (i want to have something for my daughters first birthday in May)
I am quite possibly getting a little sick of eating the cupcakes (i know my waist line isn't) but i am not sick of making them. I am looking forward to each week.

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  1. I'm guessing I sampled the Sugar Free Carrot of which you speak? Seriously the BEST cupcake(s.... I'm not gonna lie, I had to have more than one!) I have ever eaten...