Monday, 25 April 2011

Cupcake Challenge Week 4 of 52

So I made the cupcakes on thurs this week (a day ahead of schedule, I was very impressed). I made them on Thurs because I was going to a party Thurs night and wanted to bring something with me as a thank you. Sooooo little did I know, when you go to a Pampered Chef party, they cook a big meal and all kinds of snacks! You don't need to bring food to this kind of party. I am a huge loser for doing this, and clearly should of read the invitation more accurately. I also showed up to the wrong house at first. Big sigh, it was a long week. BUT, good news is I made the cupcakes and I was totally happy with the recipe.
I will be using this recipe for our daughters first birthday.
So, my Mom bought me another icing tool. A large tube, injector like thing with large plastic tips. At first I thought, I don't think anything is going to help me with my decorating issues. I filled it anyways and gave it a whirl (litterally:) It worked brilliantly. The swooping, glorious swirling cupcakes I was looking for happened. Ok, so they weren't perfect and that glorious, but I felt so excited that they (the swooping, glorious, swirling cupcakes) were on there way to happening. PROGRESS.
My husband wasn't so big on the cupcake this time. He doesn't like pinapple/any fruit chunks in cupcakes. Everyone else though seemed to enjoy them. They didn't have the moisture problem like the last carrot ones. They weren't too spicy. The icing tasted just right and I started to run out of icing sugar, so my measurements didn't even happen. I just guessed at the icing. (not so great of an idea when you are trying to document and stick to recipes for later use:)
So i am obviously obsessed with :) faces, and that just means I was happy with this weeks challenge.
Not so happy at my pampered chef silliness.
PS I must have been so excited about the icing and swoopingness that I didn't take a photo of the end result. Seriously, i suck i know.

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