Saturday, 29 October 2011

Week 29 Oct 27th

Again, because this is my blog, my rules. I am breaking them. I am sort of pairing two weeks into one, in a way. Today was all about prep, and will count as Week 29. I am prepping for Halloween cupcakes for the weekend, and UFC cupcakes for the weekend. I went to Bulk Barn today and purchased a few things. (see picture)

I have this idea for Halloween cupcakes, actually two ideas. One a super cute skeleton cupcake
and two a bug adventure cupcake. The skeleton idea, I found from a picture on the internet. See below.
Except, it didn't come with any directions. I am in week 29, I can improvise......right???
Clearly this meant buying yogurt covered pretzels, suckers and some marsh mellows. I think. Then the bug adventure cupcakes, i found in one of my cupcake books. They came with bug outlines.
For the UFC cupcakes, i found another picture on the internet. Boring but achievable.
Stay tuned for Saturday, the big duo unveiling.

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