Saturday, 29 October 2011

Week 30- DUO COMES TO LIFE (Halloween vs. UFC)

Week 30.... What the??? How did I make it this far? I mean I am happy I have, but really, have I made 30 batches of cupcakes this year, that's over 360 cupcakes and 30lbs of butter. That's a lot of butter. Hence why I jump at the chance to get these suckers out of my house. It just happened this week, I had two chances. First a Halloween party (which we couldn't make it to, due to illness, boooo) which I was so excited to make cupcakes for. Second a UFC party my hubby was going to.
I started by making the Devils Food Chocolate cupcakes, I swear by these now. Although, I made them Friday night and froze them for freshness. Dumb idea. I should of just put them in a sealed container overnight, I think they would of been more fresh. I don't like making them a day ahead, but I thought the UFC party goer needed them at 9am, which he didn't. So, not my fault if they were eating stale cupcakes over Mr. Universe vs. Mr. Hulk.
Due to the illness that's been lingering around the house and within the girls all week, I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull off the Halloween cupcakes. Of course, the morning of my dear friends party, I call and say 'so you want some cupcakes?'. I realized I would be able to pull it off, with some help. Help from a little thing called 'snack trap'. Load my kids up with snacks in the snack trap and they are happy and out of the kitchen momentarily leaving me to make icing.
I made plain vanilla icing. Which I wasn't too happy with, tasted boring to me today. Maybe I am just sick of icing. Anyways, then iced the cupcakes with a butter knife to give the tops a smooth flat surface.
Rewind: On Friday night, I melted the chocolate, put it in a zip lock bag and made the bug outlines on wax paper. Then attached m & m's, smarties and jellies while they were still wet. Refrigerated overnight.
Easy pasy, next took the bugs off the wax paper and attached them to the cupcakes. I think they were cute. I still wanted to try the skeletons. As you will see in my photos, the skeletons didn't turn out amazing. I didn't have time to melt icing, and colour it for the skeleton face, so i used washable marker. Sorry, hopefully no one ate those marsh mellows, and if they did rest assured they were none toxic washable:)
I packed them up and my adorable, super helpful, awesome Mom, stopped by and delivered the cupcakes for me. Thanks Mom.
Later in the afternoon, I made more, slightly crappy vanilla icing. Iced 12 more cupcakes with a butter knife. Then coloured some icing to an orange colour, which I was hoping for a red orange (didn't happen). Went through my five billion icing tips to discover, of course I don't have the right tip. My husband "you never have the right tip'.  I don't, I am always finding something that just isn't right. So I wrote UFC on individual cupcakes (as per my husbands request, I don't think he realized how hard it is to right UFC over and over with the wrong tip on tiny cupcakes instead of writing it once, large, like in the picture i posted on week 29) one at a time. I think they looked crap, but what are you going to do. Packed em up and sent them off.
I liked the double challenge, but think my heart was on Halloween and the bugs. I might dedicate the next few months to Christmas cupcakes, I just love Christmas. I can't even think of it today though. Here are the pics.

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  1. These are awesome!! I have been craving some more of your delicious tales - what a sweet surprise :) By the way - if you are in a pinch again, there are edible food markers out there...I had my Mom ship me some - the Bulk Barn only carries them at Halloween, but they are so handy - I've been making faces, etc., to make the snacks I pack for Briar seem a bit more interesting at school :)