Thursday, 25 February 2016

It's like my writers fog has lifted:)

Since I was a little girl all I could imagine was writing a book. Of course when I was 10, this looked like an adventure novel staring yours truly. My parents gave me a type writer. It was all new and fancy at the time. Had a digital read out, so you could check your spelling before typing. I would crawl into our crawl space (lol), and type away on my type writer. Writing the latest adventures near and far. (I suppose all the adventure dreaming started my ideas of working for National Geographic as a photographer....but that is another story)

Anyways, back to today! Every story I pick up lately, movie I watch or inspiration I see, points to writing. I downloaded two different audio books, not knowing, and both of them directly spoke to me about writing. Then i picked a random romance movie, all about a writer and finding inspiration. I can't necessarily say I have found profound inspiration that will spill out over this blog, or into the greatest publishers lap, but I have cleared the fog a bit. I am ready to embark on a writing journey. Bigger than my writing courses, more than this blog. be continued, my baby calls, Super mom never sleeps!

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