Wednesday, 27 January 2016

As it goes I suck at a challenge......sometimes

I just re read my last 3 posts. I made it to day 3 of documenting a 15 day challenge.  As it goes, this is me and my life. I come up with the most amazing ideas in the shower. Most likely because this is the only time of day where I don't have anyone talking to me (usually under the age of 8). I once wrote an amazing poem (if I do say so) in the blink of an the shower. I have a billion blog ideas to share with you, and so many books to publish. If only I could write and post while in the shower (note to self, invent this device).
I can't even count the amount of times I have been dripping wet, fumbling through a drawer looking for pen and paper, to get my idea out on paper before I forget.
I recently wrote my first children's the shower!! I know laugh all you want but it's true. Although the main idea for this book came in the shower, I was able to get all the words out for it, between shower and driving the kids to school. (also side note, the car is another great thinking spot) After scribbling my children's book out on left over garbage in the car, I came home and actually typed it out. Very rewarding, but like most of my ideas they are stuck on my computer, or in a drawer!!
Anyways, back to my lack of challenge follow through. Ha, I don't have anything to say on it EXCEPT the last challenge was a bogus time to try. 4 kids under 5, one being a small infant, do not give you ample time to blog.
Here is my challenge to you.......give me something to write about. I noticed I only have 6 followers (bless all your hearts). I will in turn do my best to blog/write about the topic listed. Oh and help me spread my blog a little bit;)
PS If you need some topic suggestions here are a few of my skilled trades:
baby functions of all sorts, poop, pee etc
sleep or lack there of
stay at home mom stuff (no that doesn't mean couch potato, eat your face off.....although it does some days!)
driving to school
multi tasking
lack of sleep....did i say that?

Thank you peeps!

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