Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jan 16th 2014, Day 2

Wednesday mornings in our house start with a small dose of chaos and end with a large dose of hmmmmm chaos! We have everyone to feed and get ready, plus get our oldest to school and our 2nd to another school a 10min drive away. We have not been on time for school drop off once this winter! The secretary last week said she should just give me a necklace with 'admit one' passes for our daughter. I said I should just wear a sign that says, I'm busy and overwhelmed please leave me alone:) Maybe the theme to this challenge should be 'let it go' (as in the movie 'frozen') I have been saying for almost 4yrs that I need to start letting things go. Settled then, today I will let being on time/late go. This is an EXTREMELY hard thing for me. I thrived on being on time and staying on schedule. My husband will laugh if he reads this, because I have a giant melt down everyday we are leaving the house late. Just like a kid, I have a full on tantrum about it. I hate being late.
Anyways drop off happened eventually. I even cleaned 2 bathrooms this morning! Bonus.
Tyson was home today, so we had two adults to 4 kids. We had to attend our daughters preschool toy cleaning tonight at 7:30pm. This is only the 2nd time I have left the house past 6pm since our son was born 11weeks ago. It meant that he fussed the whole time I was out and he didn't get to sleep until 9pm tonight. We'll see how the night goes tonight.
Time to sign off, this momma is TIRED!
ps, tomorrow i will fill you in on my intense 'Frozen' dress hunt for the big 4th birthday.

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