Sunday, 28 August 2011

August 3rd, Cupcakes turns muffins

Soooo we had a special visitor today at our house. Let's just say mum's the word on who the visitor was, but it was a nerve racking, interview like visitor. Sooooo anyone that knows me. When I have visitors, (or when I'm nervous for that matter) I bake:) I have a comfort food I bake for these occasions. Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. I make them for people when they've had a baby, when people are sick, when someone dies, or when I am nervous. They are my go-to all occasion muffins. Since I have played with a few muffin recipes as my cupcakes. I decided that they would fit into my cupcake challenge. I haven't made them yet this challenge. So my husband and I ate 2 each, the visitor, 0. Ha, go figure. So This week was Banana Chocolate chip. Classic and wonderful. Love it!

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