Sunday, 28 August 2011

Week 21-Fresh Fruit hits the stands, and my cupcakes!

Wednesday, August 24th. The peaches on my counter are starting to attract a few fruit flies. I hate them, and instantly decide the peaches must be used today. (Note: there is aprox 8-10 peaches) I am home alone with the kids today. I don't see my little toddlers eating 4 peaches each, unless I want to clean up a nasty mess later. No comments necessary.

Peach cupcakes is the solution. Time to branch out and find a new recipe. I find a recipe that I tweak a little and will add a cream cheese icing too. The recipe is similar to a pound cake, but turns out to be a lovely moist cupcake. Diced fresh fruit is soooo delicious in the cake. I much prefer this over frozen fruit. I also love the way the cupcakes turnout in the baking stone. So much better than a conventional baking cups. Just seems they never burn or dry out. I pick my typical cream cheese icing but I add more butter to the recipe. Next time I may infuse peaches/lemon/zest of some kind into the icing. I sent the majority of the cupcakes with Tyson to work. Pictures, hmmmm I seem to need a reminder on that.

I am approaching my halfway mark. So exciting and still going strong. Any suggestions on a big AMAZING halfway mark cupcake????????

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  1. Is there such a thing as an Oreo cupcake? You know, with the delicious wafer-type flavour as the cupcake and the creamy center as frosting? If not, you should invent it. I think it would be super yum!