Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July 26th, Chocolate Chip cookie Cupcakes

Let's just say mmmmmmm. Thanks to my sister in law, Glory for this recipe. Which I think came from Martha Stewart herself before that. I was thankful for a new recipe to try, also a little inspiration. First I had to make the chocolate chip cookie dough. Between you and me, I couldn't resist to pop a few of these cookies into the oven, just to see how they would taste on their own. Super yummy cookies on their own too! I made a few to decorate the tops of the cookies. Then I made the icing. Same icing as last week. White butter cream icing. I will say, that really soft, almost warm butter made the icing a little too soft/creamy. It worked for these cupcakes, but I wouldn't like it for a swirl top vanilla or chocolate cupcake. A few times before I used room temp butter, that I had put in the freezer for about 10min prior to whipping and it worked beautifully. Great tip!!! I refrigerated the dough and the icing overnight. Made the batter in the morning and baked them up. Oh assembly. Aprox 1tbs of cookie dough on the bottom of the cupcake liner, then aprox 2tbs of cupcake batter on top of that. Bake aprox 20min. Cool and then top with icing and a decoration cookie/half cookie.
These were delicious, I tasted one when they were just made and I loved it. I didn't have the chance to taste another because they were eaten so fast. I didn't hear anything negative about these cupcakes and will make them again. Actually the cookie dough is worth making on it's own. Here is a photo of the recipe used for the cookies. Enjoy:)

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