Sunday, 28 August 2011

WEEK 20- I'll admit it, I'm a chocoholic.

This week my husband was requesting Chocolate. Huh, that's funny, he requests chocolate every week. No surprise. Since, I was making the cupcakes on Aug. 18th (thurs) my deadline day for the week. I checked the cupboards and low and behold, I have the ingredients for chocolate chocolate. I take this last minute challenge of the challenge to the test because I have not yet perfected my chocolate icing. I decide to follow my chocolate icing recipe that I have labeled 'perfect chocolate icing' in the recipe book. This is not always the case for this recipe. Or maybe I have never followed it perfectly. So I did this night of Aug. 18th. Go figure, the icing comes out perfectly (in my eyes) and voila. I keep the recipe.
I was on my way to book club meeting. Perfect, another opportunity to get the cupcakes out of the house. Not so great for my hubby, who is sulking before I am even finished baking. He is looking over at me, asking for a taste every two seconds. I let him lick the finished bowl and scoop. I also give him a mile high piled cupcake with icing. I think this was satisfying until he learns i will be giving all of the cupcakes away. We are better for it. So I hope they were yummy, I didn't try. I heard from two others that they were. I forgot to take a picture. Silly me. The chocolate swirl seemed to come out so lovely too. Perfectly sitting on top of the little cupcake.
Side note: I brought the cupcakes to a restaurant (where our book club was meeting), not the best idea to bring a dessert to a restaurant, where they want to serve you dessert. Opps sorry.

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